What is Debt Free Life ® ?

Debt Free Life ® is a modern way to pay off your debt using the cash value of a specialized participating whole life insurance policy. Using our exclusive software, your certified Debt Free Life ® consultant will generate a personalized debt elimination report showing you how and when to pay off each debt and the projected amount of interest you’ll save, all without spending any additional money each month.

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With Debt Free Life ® , you can kick debt to the curb and rewrite your story.

The Debt Free Life ® Solution

Our proven method has helped thousands of families get on track to financial freedom while building a legacy with real retirement savings.

How to Get Started


Step 1

Schedule an appointment with a certified Debt Free Life consultant either in-person or over a video consultation.


Step 2

Your certified Debt Free Life consultant will guide you through your personalized Debt Elimination report.


Step 3

Eliminate your debt with the guidance of your certified Debt Free Life consultant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main advantage of Debt Free Life ® ?

The main advantage of Debt Free Life is putting you back in control of your finances by eliminating debt. You will also reduce the interest paid to lenders while accruing funds in the cash value component of a whole life insurance policy.

When should I begin my Debt Free Life ® journey?

Yes! Debt Free Life allows you to accomplish your financial goals, eliminate debt, and decrease the amount of interest due without spending any additional money than you are currently spending. The question is not can you afford this program, rather, can you afford to delay getting started?

How much does Debt Free Life ® cost?

By redirecting your current inefficient dollars into your policy and gaining guaranteed interest and dividends,* you become your own bank and pay off debts with no additional out-of-pocket expenses. Premiums for whole life insurance, like other types of life insurance, depend on your age and health at the time you apply.

*Dividends are not guaranteed but have strong historical data going back 100 years.

I am a business owner. Can I get my business out of debt with Debt Free Life ® ?

Absolutely! Our certified Debt Free Life consultants can apply Debt Free Life to your business and build cash value while eliminating debt and decreasing the amount of interest paid to lenders. Then you can use the funds in your policy to finance any future business debts.

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Debt Free Life ® Resources

Becoming certified to sell Debt Free Life is simple through Symmetry’s streamlined virtual bootcamps, and our DFL software will give you all the tools you
The debt snowball and avalanche methods are debt repayment plans, and they both require categorizing your debts so that you can tackle them efficiently.
Beyond financial confidence, there are many benefits to living a debt free life.

Get out of debt and take control of your financial future. Connect with a certified Debt Free Life ® consultant today.

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